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The Landmark

CENTRAL, Hong Kong, SAR, China- Hong Kong is a shoppers paradise. There is never a shortage of high end shops. It is definitely not uncommon to look down a street and see several rolex stores. The top types of merchandise include sunglasses, watches, and clothes. The Landmark, located within the same building as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel is a mall that is full of high end shopping boutiques. Its definitely worth walking through.

Outside of the Landmark is a small plaque that designates where the old harbor used to stand.

The Floating Market

THE FLOATING MARKET, RATCHABURI, THAILAND – After riding the elephants we traveled to the floating market in Ratchaburi, Thailand. This market is world famous for the vendors that sit in small boats and float up and down the rivers selling fresh fruit, food, and other products. This market was originally part of a way of life for those living in the countryside. Today the market is more of a tourist destination. Tours are also given of the river. There is also a small market place that lines the river. These shops sell handmade pieces of art and other┬ásouvenirs. Outside of the market, people offer the chance to hold snakes or to feed a baby elephant.

The floating market

Baby elephant

A vendor on the floating market

Train Market

TRAIN MARKET, THAILAND – Our second day in Thailand started with us meeting out tour guide and traveling an hour outside of Bangkok towards the famous floating market. Along the way we stopped in small town at a set of train tracks. Our tour guide wanted us to see another type of market, one that lined the sides of a set of train tracks. The people who worked this market, set up shop along the tracks. When the train came through they would quickly close up shop, once the train passed by, they would open up shop again.

The market lining the train tracks

The train

The market closing up for the train to pass by

Thai style chips