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Stanley Market

STANLEY MARKET, STANLEY, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Located in the South East of Hong Kong Island is an area called Stanley. Stanley is a popular destination for tourists and features great beaches such as Repulse Bay. The journey to Stanley involves hair raising tight turns that feel as though they were precariously built along the side of a mountain. Several times during the ride, I felt as though we would hit a car traveling in the other direction or careen off the side of the cliff.

Upon arrival in Stanley, the bus drops you off in the bus depot. Just across the street is a street that leads you down toward various shops and Stanley Market. Stanley Market is the most upscale market in Hong Kong. The goods being sold here are more legitimate and prices are rarely negotiable. The market goes in various directions and covers a good area. After walking through the market, one finds their way to the ocean and created with a walkway that winds its way around the bay. Along this walkway are various restaurants that all offer outdoor seating looking out over the ocean. At the far end, is a building decorated with greek columns, this building houses a few restaurants as well as the maritime museum. If you continue to walk past this building there is a smaller walkway that leads to a small temple that sits on the side of a cliff. Stanley is a great place to visit on a sunny day. June is also a great time to go, as the dragon boat races occur here.

View from Stanley

Restaurant Building


small shrine