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THE ELEPHANT VILLAGE, THAILAND – Our second stop was to the Elephant Village. Here we were given the opportunity to ride elephants. It cost 1,200 Bhat (approximately $40 USD) per person to ride the elephants. An additional 600 Bhat (approximately $20 USD) was required for bananas to feed the elephants. The elephants did not look that good, however, it was hard to see how they were treated. My guess is that they were not treated well, especially since they had no tusks. Two people were allowed to ride on each elephant and then a driver sat on the elephants neck to steer it. It was definitely an unique experience. We walked along a pre-determined path. About five minutes into the ride, the driver jumped off of the elephant and told us to sit just above the elephant. It was at this point that we were able to feed the elephant. Our elephant was definitely smart, he would take five steps and demand five bananas before he would move again. While we were riding the elephant our guide/driver took pictures of us on the elephant. Eventually the driver climbed back onto the elephant and and brought us through a small pond. At the end of the ride the driver tried to sell us ivory jewelry to “support the elephants.” We did not buy anything as it was morally wrong and illegal to do this.

Beginning of the Elephant Ride

Elephant Village

Elephant Ride

Elephant Ride

Feeding the elephant

Elephant Ride

Elephant ride through water