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Classic Hong Kong Moment #2 – Exiting the MTR

TUEN MUN, Hong Kong, SAR, China – It’s time for another installment in my entry of classic Hong Kong moments. This one is one that you will see at any MTR station. Most MTR stations have elevators, escalators and stairs that you use to access the lower levels where the trains are located. These exits are spaced intermittently along the platform. When a train arrives in the station there is an organized rush to leave the station, however, instead of using the stairs which are conveniently located next to the escalator, everyone crams up one escalator to exit. As you can see from the picture below it can be be a long wait. Fortunately I take the stairs and get out of the station before most people, plus I get some exercise while I am at it.

Exiting the MTR

Classic HK Moments

TUEN MUN, Hong Kong, SAR, China – This is a new section that I am officially titling “Classic HK Moments.” These are moments that I have witnessed numerous times throughout my stay in Hong Kong and in a way truly exemplify the culture of Hong Kong. This first moment is one that you see often.

The Date

The photo below shows a couple on a date at dinner. In classic Hong Kong fashion they are not interacting with each other. Instead the guy on the date is playing a game on his cell phone. Talk about great communications skills. Anyway, sorry for the poor quality, I had to quickly take this photo during dinner with some friends.

Classic HK Moment #1 – The Date