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Restaurant Review #5 – Nepal

SOHO, CENTRAL, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Nestled within the dense clustering of restaurants in SOHO is a small restaurant called Nepal. As its name would suggest it features cuisine from Nepal. The first time I ate here was the first time that I had ever had Nepalese Food, and it is by far my favorite restaurant in SOHO. All of the food here is made fresh and  it features a wide variety of flavors. For those people that are unaware, Nepalese food is very similar to Indian food, in that it features various curries and BBQ’d meats. As with most places in SOHO the prices of the food here is moderately expensive, the menu is also ala carte.

I have sampled various meals here and many of the meals can be very spicy. However, I have found that the portions of many of the curries are small. The BBQ dishes feature larger portion sizes. One of the features of the menu is the dishes are made from the home grown chili garden, these dishes definitely pack a punch and I do not recommend them to anyone who does not like spicy food.

Nepal also features an extensive wine list and drink menu.One drink worth trying is their Nepal Ice Beer. This is the only place that I have been able to find this beer and it features a great flavor and goes well with any meal you order. Another feature on the menu worth trying is the Saffron rice and any of the various types of nan bread.

Nepal Menu

Nepal Ice Beer

Saffron Rice




Hong Kong Beer

Hong Kong, SAR, China – Hong Kong Beer is one of the few beers brewed locally in Hong Kong. Whenever I travel, I make a personal goal of myself to try as many locally produced beers of the country I am visiting. In Hong Kong there are few locally produced micro-brews, but one of them is Hong Kong Beer. I have only been able to find this beer at two restaurants in SOHO.

Hong Kong Beer is a lager and is brewed by the Hong Kong Beer Company. It features a strong bitter flavor with an amber color. It is also 4.7% alcohol by volume. I highly recommend this beer as it is refreshing. I also recommend that this beer be served in a glass and cold. One of the locations that I have found it is as Mostaccioli Brothers (Mo’s Bros) restaurant in SOHO. Hong Kong Beer is sold for 19 HKD (approximately $2.38 USD) at Mo’s Bros.

Hong Kong Beer


SOHO, CENTRAL, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Nestled underneath and around the mid-level escalators in Central, Hong Kong is SOHO. This escalator is the largest outdoor escalator in the world. SOHO, which stands for South of Hollywood, is a nightlife district, which features restaurants with eclectic cuisines from around the world. This place is comprised of mainly two streets filled with restaurants, however, there are also many side streets that also house a few clubs. I have eaten here numerous times and I can honestly say that any place you eat here will taste amazing. The restaurants here are moderately expensive but well worth the price.

SOHO also has a great selection of pubs, each with a variety of different beer selections. It is not abnormal to see restaurants sharing beers or liquor with one another. Starting at 3PM and occasionally earlier, SOHO experiences happy hour, which can involve buy one get one free drinks or half priced drinks. SOHO is a great area to do a pub crawl and to experience various types of beers.




Restaurant Review #4 – Delaney’s Irish Pub

TSIM SHA TSUI, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Nestled in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui on Peking Street is a cozy Irish Pub by the name of Delaney’s. While traveling throughout Hong Kong I found myself getting tired of clubs and looking for a standard western style bar. This came to a head at St. Patricks Day when I wanted to celebrate this glorious and festive holiday. Before St. Patricks Day, I had been to Delaney’s several times. However, every time I go there, I am extremely pleased with my visits.

Delaney’s features traditional Irish food as well as more western food. I have sampled their baby back ribs, which were well worth the price. Another great meal is their traditional Irish breakfast. They serve their Irish breakfast all day for approximately 138 HKD (around $17.25 USD). For appetizers I had the smoked salmon and the mussels with chili tomato sauce. All of the food is excellent.

One of my favorite parts of this bar is the beer selection. They have a wide selection of beers from around the world. However, my favorite beer that they sell is Kilkenny’s Irish Cream Ale. I have only been able to find this beer at Irish bars in Hong Kong and in Ireland. Pints cost 63 HKD (approximately $7.88 USD).

The atmosphere is great and can get pretty loud when it is busy. It is especially busy on weekends and on St. Patricks Day. There is a daily happy hour 5 – 9pm. They also frequently show live rugby and soccer matches.



Delaney’s Kowloon

Basement, Mary Building, 71 – 77 Peking Road, TST

Delaney’s Wan Chai

G/F & 1/F, One Capital Place – 18 Luard Road, Wanchai

The Dublin Jack

1/F, 17 Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong

Grand Irish Breakfast

Beertopia 2012!

WESTERN MARKET, SHEUNG WAN, Hong Kong, SAR, China – For people living in Hong Kong, one of the first things that is noticeable is the lack in the variety of beer. Everywhere you go in Hong Kong, no matter what bar or club, most places serve the same standard fare of beers. These range from Carlsberg to Heineken and also include San Miguel and Stella Artois. There are many others and occasionally you find a rare gem, but it is hard to find truly unique and well crafted beers.

This year for the first time, someone sought to change this. Their idea was Beertopia. Self described as Hong Kong’s first true beer festival, Beertopia brought together craft beer brewers and distributers from around the world. There goal was simple: introduce Hong Kong to craft beers and start a chain of events to change the face of the current beer scene in Hong Kong. Tickets came in two forms, either a regular ticket or a premium ticket. The regular ticket cost $250 HKD (approximately $31.25 USD) and you received five tasting tokens, a tasting glass, and one lucky draw raffle ticket. The premium ticket cost $300 HKD (approximately $37.5 USD) and you received the same things above, the only difference is that you got ten tasting tokens instead of five. The tokens could be used to buy drinks, gear from the various brewers and distributors or to buy food.

Over all I would say that the festival was a success and I had a great time. They had a plethora of beers, as well as, amazing food, great local bands, and beer pong. The festivities also included raffles and trivia questions. The winners of the trivia were awarded more drinking tokens or six packs of beer (I was one of them). The raffles included some great prizes such as gift certificates to some of Hong Kong’s nicest dining venues.

My personal favorites were any of the beers provided by Monteith’s Brewery, especially their Original Lager. I also enjoyed Tui beer from New Zealand and Viru beer from Estonia. The festival also had a great turn out for only being in its first year…I’m pretty sure they sold out. I only wish I was going to be here next year to see what this festival grows into. Hopefully we will start to see some excellent craft beers in the future in Hong Kong.

Here is my list of beers that I enjoyed in no particular order:

Original Ale – Monteith’s New Zealand

Tui – New Zealand

Vale Ale – Australia

Great White – Lost Coast USA

Dead Guy Ale – Rogue Oregon, USA

Viru – Estonia

Cobra – India

Typhoon Eastern Lightning – Typhoon Brewery’s – Hong Kong

The website for Beertopia! is as follows:

My Ticket

The crowd

Dead Guy Ale – Rogue

Monteith’s Original Ale – New Zealand

Viru Pilsner – Estonia

Vale Ale – Australia

Lost Coast Great White Wheat Beer

Cobra Beer

Tui Blonde Lager – New Zealand

The End of an Era…

YAU MA TEI, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Today is a sad day for exchanged students everywhere in Hong Kong. There once was a great establishment named Mr. Wongs that I along with my fellow exchanged students would frequent before a night out clubbing. This restaurant offered sub-par food and unlimited beer for 50 HKD (approximately $6.25 USD). As of last saturday, Mr. Wongs was raided by the Hong Kong police and his liquor license was revoked.

*Moment of Silence*

I’ll be honest, I clearly didn’t go here for the food as it tasted horrible, but it was nice place to drink before going to clubs and if I drank here I wouldn’t have to buy a drink at a club and ultimately get ripped off while all of the girls in our group get free drinks, every week. Lets be real, I am definitely not about to go back there just for the food. So I am issuing a challenge to my few readers out there – does anyone know of a place in Hong Kong that offers unlimited beer and sub par food to replace Mr. Wongs? If you know any place you will be a hero to exchanged students all over Hong Kong.

James Fashion

JAMES FASHION, BANGKOK, THAILAND – The second store that our tour guide brought us to was James Fashion. James Fashion has been rated the number one tailor in the world by National Geographic. They also offer custom made suites, shirts and dresses. They even offered our group a student discount if we bought from them and free drinks. Again I thought this was a sham, but I looked at the materials they were offering and other people having suits made and decided to have some made. In fact everyone in our group got suites made. I bought two suites, two shirts and three ties for 15,000 Bhat (approximately $500 USD), an extremely good deal for custom fitted suites. Each person in our group was given their own tailor they showed us around their show room and we were able to choose they color and type of fabric that we wanted. All of the suites that I bought are wrinkle free. We had our measurements taken. The next day we went back and were re-fitted with the semi-finished coats and finished shirts.  The tailors then told us that they would deliver them in person to our hotel the next night before we left. They kept their word and arrived at 11:00 PM with our order. We tried them on and they fit perfectly. I was extremely happy with the quality and service that they provided and I would highly recommend them. They even keep your measurements so you can order another suite online if you are no-longer in the country and they will ship it to you.

Hot Pot

FU TAI, HONG KONG, SAR, China – Hot Pot is a traditional Chinese meal. It consists of a large pot of boiling soup broth. There is usually one pot of spicy soup and one that is mild. Once the soup is boiling, raw thinly sliced meat, raw seafood, dumplings and vegetables are placed in the soup. The soup is brought back to a boil and the food quickly cooks. Once the food is cooked it is ready to be enjoyed with various dipping sauces. This meal is very similar to Shabu Shabu in Japan. Being a college student, especially one studying abroad, a meal like hot pot is ideal because it is usually all you can eat for a set price. In the case of this particular restaurant it was $98 HKD (approximately $12.25 USD) all you can eat and drink (beer included) for two hours. Not a bad deal.

Plate of beef, dumplings and vegetables

Hot Pot

Bamboo Skins

Mr. Wong’s

MR. WONG’S, YAU MEI TAI, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Mr. Wongs, located a short walk from exit A2 of the Yau Mei Tai MTR has become a favorite place for out group to dine at. We have decided to frequent this less than glamorous establishment on Thursdays before making our way to LKF. The reason is it is cheap. For $50 HKD (approximately $6.25 USD) we get a plentiful helping of food. In fact, it is all you can eat and drink (beer included) with no time limit. Now I will be honest this place looks like a sketchy shack, but Mr. Wong caters toward international students. The food is sub-par to average at best and the menus is always the same. He serves Pearl River Delta Beer from China and if he likes your group he will occasionally throw in a bottle of spirits (either vodka or whiskey). However, for the price and the ability to have a fun meal with a friend, you can’t beat it.

Center: The Man, The Legend….Mr. Wong