Stories From The Road

Hong Kong Art Museum

TSIM SHA TSUI, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Hong Kong has a variety of museums, that inform visitors of the storied history of Hong Kong. In my option there are two must see museums in Hong Kong. The first is the Hong Kong Art Museum, which features, art from China as well as visiting exhibits. The Hong Kong Art Museum is located near the Tsim Sha Tsui harbor along the Avenue of Stars. The art ranges from ancient to modern, focusing mostly on calligraphy and pottery. When I went the visiting art exhibit featured Picasso. The museum is relatively small and everything can be seen in about 1.5 hours. There are four floors in total.

For all museums are relatively cheap. There is also a student discount, costing only 5 HKD (approximately $0.62 USD). May 19th-20th was Hong Kong Museum Appreciation Day, which featured free admission to the museum.

The second museum is the Hong Kong history museum. This museum details the history of Hong Kong from prehistoric times until modern times, with great interactive exhibits.

Hong Kong Art Museum


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