Stories From The Road


ABERDEEN, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Located at the southern end of Hong Kong island, Aberdeen was once a fishing village. Today, like most of Hong Kong, it is dwarfed by newly built high rises and other buildings. It is slowly becoming an part of history. The village of Aberdeen is built along the water. Many of the people here used to live on their boats and use fishing as a way of life. To this day there are still many people living here that fish. This is evidenced by the number of fishing boats that are located in the harbor. The people that used to live and fish in Aberdeen used to almost never leave the their boats for their entire life.

Aside from the a nice stroll along the harbor promenade, Aberdeen is home too a couple of tourist features. The first is Jumbo Kingdom or the Jumbo Floating Restaurant (review to come later). There is also a temple located near the harbor as well as shopping area in Aberdeen square. Older women are also walking about the promenade offering tours of the harbors on sampans. The prices of these tours will vary based on how busy the area is on a given day. I was offered a ride for $40 HKD (approximately $5 USD).

Boat Shop – Aberdeen Harbor

Yachts – Aberdeen Harbor

More fishing boats

fishing boat and high rises

Fishing boat #3

fishing boat #4

Fishing boat #5


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