Stories From The Road

Snake Show

COBRA SHOW THAILAND, DAMNOEN SADUAK, THAILAND – After shopping at the floating market, we proceeded to travel to a snake show. There are many of these types of shows in Thailand, but this one is supposedly famous. The show featured a variety of types of snakes, including a jumping snake and of course the King Cobra. The performers would do a variety of acts to show you how the snakes would react in various situations. One of the performers even wrestled three snakes at once. When it was time to put them away, he caught one in each hand and the third one in his mouth. While this show was extremely cool, I couldn’t help but wonder how safe we all were in the audience. There was only a small river of water and a one foot high wall that separated us from the snakes. The finale of the show was fight between a mongoose and a cobra. In the end the mongoose one and the owners of the snakes had to pry it off of the cobra, which was still alive. After the fight, the performers of this show, showed us how to extract the venom from the cobra. They then allowed each of the audience members to touch the cobra, which supposedly brought good luck. Just outside of the show, there was a small zoo, where you could see all of the various snake species that live in Thailand. They also had crocodiles and water monitors.

The Cobra Show

The jumping snake

snake #2

One man vs. three snakes

The end result

Extracting Cobra venom

King Cobra vs. a mongoose


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