Stories From The Road

Csao Praya River Canal Tour

CSAO PRAYA RIVER, BANGKOK, THAILAND – After our tour of Wat Pho we drove to the Csao Praya River or the “river of the king,” the main river that carves its way through Bangkok. Many companies offer tours of the river and the surrounding canals. We disembarked from our bus and boarded a floating restaurant that offered one of these tours. For 400 Bhat each ($13.33 USD), we were able to charter a private boat for a one hour tour of the canals. The tour brought us down the narrow canals and waterways of Bangkok and afforded us the chance to see the traditional way of living and also the poverty stricken side of Thailand. Traditionally people lived along the river and fished. To this day many of their houses are built on stilts. The people that live in these houes have to rebuild their houses every ten years for the new generation and also due to the damage caused by the river. The water is highly polluted and is home to water monitors and catfish.

View of Csao Praya River

View from Boat

Bangkok Hospital

Boats of the king

Houses along the canals

Thai Boat

Feeding the Catfish

Csao Praya Rive with the Grand Palace in the Background


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