Stories From The Road

One Month Down…Three and Half to Go

TUEN MUN, Hong Kong, SAR, China – This post marks just over one month of me studying abroad in Hong Kong. As I have stated before I am studying abroad in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong at Lingnan University. Right now all of my classes are in full swing. I am currently taking four courses this semester. My courses include: The Government and Politics of Contemporary China; Greater China: Identity and Interdependence; Hong Kong, China & the World Economy; and Chinese as a second language. All of these courses help me with both of my majors, which are International Relations and Asian Studies.

As my time here progresses I am constantly bombarded new aspects of the life and culture of the Hong Kong people. For instance, when in class, most students sit silently when the professors asks a question. Students here also do not like to read for their courses, as such, it is not expected. To remedy this, professors provide students with all the notes that they need, as well as their lectures typed up in a powerpoint presentation format.

With the lack of work (or at least this is my opinion) students have a lot more free time. It is rare that students go to bed before 4:30 AM everyday, and it is not because they are studying. They are just socializing and often screaming. They celebrate birthdays with a “happy corner,” which usually involves holding the birthday boy and spreading his legs between the door of an elevator as it closes and opens (this is something I will never understand).

As for the sights, I have seen many great sights so far and have sampled many delicious meals. I am about to begin traveling outside of the Hong Kong to other surrounding countries. There will be a lot of new posts coming soon.

The Main Building at Lingnan University and the University Logo


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