Stories From The Road

Street Food

FU TAI, HONG KONG, SAR, China – Hong Kong is known for a variety of things including its tourist sites, many festivals, and club scene. However, one of Hong Kong’s best reputations is for its food. There is a variety of different styles of food in Hong Kong. Soho, located off of the Central MTR stop in Hong Kong, is full of various restaurants and bars serving food from all over the world. There is of course Dim Sum that is also readily available.

However, some of the best food comes out late at night. Starting around 9PM people will open up small cooking stations and begin to serving homemade food or street food. This food is unbelievable and for a very cheap price you can get a lot. These “street cooks” will make anything from noodles to grilled meets or even soup and dumplings.

Another type of food is the Hong Kong style Pancake. Unlike an American style pancake which is flat. A Hong Kong pancake is make up of gooey bubbles made from a sweet egg based batter. If cooked correctly (and not burned), these pancakes almost melt in your mouth. They are also make for a great snack or for desert. These are found at little shops that line very active streets.


Grill of Skewers


Hong Kong Pancake

Hong Kong Pancake


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