Stories From The Road

Wild Monkeys

MONKEY MOUNTAIN, MONG KOK, Hong Kong, SAR, China – Monkey Mountain is small, but albeit  famous area in the new territories. It consists of a small reservoir, BBQ site, hiking trails, and of course wild monkeys. I am not sure where the monkeys originally came from, especially with this area being so close to the city, however, once they were fed they never left. There were signs all over the park asking visitors not to feed them, and of course everyone did. It was really cool to see their reactions with each other when we threw them food and to see the social hierarchy among them. They would attack each other for the food and when we hadn’t fed them, they would hold onto us, until they got more food. They would eat anything, from peanuts, to bananas, and even the trash.

Monkey Staring – this freaked out about 5 seconds later and started yelling at me

Monkey Eating

Baby Monkey

Monkey Watching

Monkey Eating

Monkeys Swarming

In the photo above the monkeys have swarmed a bag of peanuts that was dropped. The alpha male of the group holds onto them and keeps them for himself.

Monkey Begging

Baby Monkey Eating

Monkey taking food

Monkey’s Huddling Together


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